A Soldier’s Story

February 14, 2014

Oath Of Allegiance


Fred Oldenburg

For those of us who have only a journalist’s (or, heaven help us, a politician’s) view of the life of a front-line soldier in today’s world, this memoir is a revelation that makes fascinating and at times uncomfortable reading. Fred Oldenburg has spent the last quarter century as an Infantryman in the British Army. Here, he sets out the reality of training for and serving in some of the world’s most dangerous places.

Stretched to the limits by four tours of Northern Ireland, two in Iraq, and one in Afghanistan, he unsparingly recounts the often riotous way in which he and his fellow soldiers spent time away from daily confrontation with violence.

As for the regions our journalists and politicians glibly describe as trouble spots, this Infantryman vividly depicts the harsh front-line truth about places and people and sudden bloody death.


ISBN – 13: 978-1495375262  & 10: 1495375269

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