All Cut Up – crime fiction

June 15, 2014

All Cut Up by Bruce Crowther

With his latest novel, All Cut Up, the author ventures into a different genre from those in which his previous books can be placed.

Labeling this new genre isn’t easy. Yes, it’s a crime novel. Yes, it deals with serious subjects, including racial, religious and sexual prejudice. Yes, it takes a hard look at double-talking politicians. But above all, it is blackly comic and very politically incorrect.

When Jimmy’s forgetful mum disappears he is suspected of killing her, while he fears that she has fallen victim to a sadistic serial killer. Jimmy and his pals from the Team, West London pub quiz champions, set out to uncover the truth, inadvertently stumbling into a neo-Nazi plot to take over one of Britain’s much-loved institutions.BookCoverImage

The Team is a motley lot: unemployed Jimmy, his Nigerian martial arts expert girlfriend, an old bomb-making Jewish street busker, a foxtrotting Arabian mystery man, and a dim-witted but weirdly gifted skinhead.

Dogged by a jaded, ambitious and seriously bigoted policeman, the Team’s search uncovers many unpalatable truths – not only about their dangerously intolerant and unpredictable world, but also about themselves.

A word of caution: in All Cut Up there is something to offend almost everyone as each of the main characters exposes one or another of the many prejudices that beset us all – and do so in decidedly earthy language.

Available in print from various sources including Amazon and also as a Kindle ebook only from Amazon.

CreateSpace ISBN-13: 978-1499167153 & ISBN-10: 1499167156


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