Crime Fiction – Dead Man Running

August 14, 2012


Dead Man Running


Bruce Crowther

Phil Davis, a cop in a small Texas town, investigates a brutal triple homicide.

Jack Ryker, enforcer for a Texas crime boss, sees a report on the murders and believing the victims are his wife and young children resolves to hunt down and punish the killer.

Barbara Nichols, TV news reporter on the case, sees the murders as her ticket to the big time.

The lives of these three, Davis, Ryker and Nichols, intertwine as Phil Davis, more hindered than helped by a devious FBI agent, pursues the killer south through Texas.

Barbara risks her life as she draws uncomfortably close to Ryker who wreaks lethal havoc among his former criminal associates.

Phil Davis, enmeshed in political double-dealing, closes in on the killer, simultaneously trying to extricate Barbara from the life-threatening trap into which she has walked.

dead man running cover

. . . . . . . . .

My first crime novel in several years, Dead Man Running is a fast-paced tale sparked by vicious violence that must be avenged. Delving into the dark past of some of the principal characters, most of whom have secrets kept from even those closest to them, the tale reaches its unexpected end in violence.

ISBN – 13:978-1478143840  & 10:1478143843

Available in print or digitally. To buy this book, go On-line (including Amazon) or to Walk-in book stores (including Barnes & Noble), or ask . . .

The Colors Of Your Life


Bruce Crowther

A play about racial and sexual discrimination in the USA in the 1960s and the present day, seen through the dramatic lives and often terrifying experiences of its two characters, May and Shirley, who are grandmother and granddaughter.

An absorbing account of life for Black women in America, then and now.

With its simple set and lighting needs, the play can be presented on stage, in any non-theatrical location (a school or community center for example), or on film/video, or on radio.

The Colors Of Your Life can be performed with or without original songs written by Ed Anderson.


. . . . . . . . .

Although I wrote some plays for television a long time ago, many years passed before I decided to write a play for the stage. The result is The Colors Of Your Life, which was first staged in Denver in 2004 marking the 75th anniversary of the birth of Dr Martin Luther King. This play is now available in book form.

ISBN – 13:978-1478165491 & 10:1478165499

Available in print or digitally. To buy this book, go On-line (including Amazon) or to Walk-in book stores (including Barnes & Noble), or ask . . .



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