Harlem Blues

November 20, 2016

Following on from Harlem Nocturne and Harlem Madness, this new novel again features Black private investigator Daniel Leland but this is 20 years later and much has changed.

Harlem Blues


Bruce Crowther

November 1963 – gray days, cold nights in Harlem.

A Civil Rights firebrand, falsely accused of brutally killing three fellow activists, seeks Daniel Leland’s help. Yet more cold-blooded murders raise the stakes as Daniel plunges into a desperate search for the truth helped by Selena Gant, herself a black activist. Together with Little Eddie, now a lawyer, Daniel and Selena confront a ruthless organization spreading its tentacles and resisting change in an unjust society.

Helping balance their struggle, they are joined by a dying ex-cop and a former FBI agent and begin to make headway – but looming out of Daniel’s past comes a murderous figure seeking vengeance.


Harlem Blues is available in paperback (ISBN-13:978-1537582986) and digitally via Kindle (ISBN-10:1537582984). Both formats can be bought at Amazon.


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