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What is the main focus of Jazz Mostly?

As the name tells you, this site is mostly about jazz. This is because jazz is a musical form I have loved since childhood, although my musical (and other) interests range widely.

Mostly … but not exclusively

While reviews of jazz CDs and articles on jazz musicians and jazz topics (both in print and here on the web), occupy some of my time, I am by trade a writer of crime fiction.

Mostly Books

There are about 17 crime novels, including Dead Man Running and Dark Echoes, both new in 2012 and available in print and digitally.

Some History

Several years ago, after scuffling at various jobs (to none of which I ever really took), I started writing crime novels and much to my delight (and amazement) these were published in various languages. One even became a BBC TV serial . . .

Along the way…

When a publisher asked if I would be interested in writing about popular cinema, I jumped at the chance, having misspent a large part of my youth as a front-row cowboy. This resulted in 9 books. Another publisher, bless his heart, suggested I write about jazz and this led to 5 books, plus many articles and hundreds of record reviews for Jazz Journal.

Then came several years as researcher and adviser with what became one of the world’s largest databases of popular music, both in print and on-line. Mostly, but not exclusively, my area was jazz and altogether I was responsible for about 5,000 entries.

There was time for me to write a few plays for television, although this was a long time ago (but some are out on DVD). More recently, I wrote a play for the stage: The Colors Of Your Life, which premiered in the USA in 2004 and appeared in print and digitally in 2012.

That’s enough of this trumpet blowing – please head for any or all of the posts.

Hope you enjoy them!

And don’t hesitate to comment . . .



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