Jazz Notes

REGULAR REVIEWS, mainly of recent jazz CDs, are the main focus of this site. The music will range across all eras, especially from swing through bop and mainstream to contemporary, and through many regions but mainly the USA and the UK.

From time to time there will also be reviews of jazz books and jazz DVDs.

JAZZ ARTICLES will include appreciations of jazz artists who might not have changed the jazz world but are nevertheless important contributors to the on-going story of jazz. All have been or still are jazz musicians whose work is inspiring, thrilling and always well worth hearing. These musicians will come from many eras and display their skills on instruments such as the saxophone, trumpet, piano, drums, violin.

ESPECIALLY FEATURED will be reviews and appreciations of jazz singers.

OTHER JAZZ ARTICLES will center on topics – such as style, or instruments, or places – pretty much as fancy takes me.

COMMENTS & SUGGESTIONS will be very welcome and carefully considered.


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