Crime Fiction – Dark Echoes

September 9, 2012

Dark Echoes


Bruce Crowther


Hollywood homicide detective, Toshiko Tanaka, investigates the sadistic killing of a bit-part player in old-time movies. Her father, a former coroner, spots similarities with a series of killings at Rialto Pictures a half century ago.

Harry Kenning, who retired from making Western movies fifty years ago, returns to Hollywood to see his estranged daughter. Along with his old movie sidekick, Billy Ross, he visits some of the people they knew at Rialto.

As more murders happen, Harry’s path intersects with that of Toshiko and teaming up in an unlikely partnership, they try to solve today’s murders.

Unexpectedly, Toshiko and Harry learn that the long-ago murder investigation was flawed and discover the unpleasant truth about what really happened at Rialto Pictures back in the 1950s.

 . . . . . . . . .

In this novel, the lives and deaths of movie actors are exposed as dark secrets from the past emerge to haunt survivors of the years when Hollywood was suffering enforced changes. Old wounds are opened by these Dark Echoes as old scores are settled in violence.

ISBN – 13:978-1478213086  & 10:1478213086

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