Crime Fiction – Penitence

November 7, 2012



Bruce Crowther

Texas detective Phil Davis investigates an elderly road accident victim bearing scars inflicted over decades. Learning that similarly scarred men recently suffered accidental deaths, he digs deeper.

FBI agent Luis Valdez, seeking to unearth a dangerous undercover group of political extremists, makes a connection to the scarred men and the long-ago death of a young woman.

While Phil and Luis tie together the two investigations, psychiatrist Rozalina Ericson pursues her own agenda through an old man who has served 25 years for the young woman’s death.

And then there is Quinn, ruthless, unstoppable, an all-purpose killing machine wreaking havoc in northern Texas and New Mexico.

These lives intertwine explosively as today’s upholders of law and order clash with centuries-old religious extremism.

 Penitence - book cover

 . . . . . . . . .

In this contemporary crime novel, the horrific killing of a young woman 25 years ago haunts the lives of those who knew her. Also affected are others who seek to uncover the secrets of followers of ancient discredited religious traditions. 

ISBN – 13:978-1479204281  & 10:1479204285

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