Shadows of the Night

March 15, 2016

My latest novel, Shadows of the Night, is out now.

When two men are fed to a tiger at the local zoo, Detective Inspector Alice Cyrille and Detective Sergeant Jacob Weiss are plunged into a case with no clues, no suspects and yet more strange murders.

Outside work, Alice worries over her weight and her daughter, who is a new recruit to the police, and she unwisely forms a relationship with the tiger’s keeper thus putting her career at risk.

As for Jacob, cantankerous and bloody-minded, he doesn’t care who he upsets.SotN

And as the investigation leads into the murky underworlds of fraud and child abuse, Alice and Jacob encounter prejudice because she is black and he is a Jew and this is England in 1985 when many things were different.

And all around are those who want this case buried forever.

Shadows of the Night by Bruce Crowther

Paperback from Amazon and other on- and off-line bookshops. (ISBN-13:978-1523871346)

$12.50 (£8.70 and €11.25 approx.)

E-book from Kindle only. (ISBN-10:1523871342)



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