Crime Fiction – Harlem Nocturne

July 25, 2013

Harlem Nocturne


Bruce Crowther

In New York in 1939 the World’s Fair is in full swing, a Joe Louis title fight is coming up, and there are hot times in Harlem every night.

When an industrial corporation offers small-time private detective Daniel Leland a temptingly large fee he takes the job and is soon over his head in murder and mayhem – and as war in Europe looms he tangles with the Nazi sympathizing German-American Bund.

And on top of all this, everywhere he goes Daniel has to confront racism because he is black while most of those he encounters during his investigation – the good and the bad – are white.



Although this is fiction, along the way Daniel encounters real people who lived in and around New York in 1939. Among them are Billie Holiday, Joe and Marva Louis, Fiorello LaGuardia and Max Finkelstein, all believably intertwined with Daniel’s quest.

ISBN – 13: 978-1490960821  & 10: 1490960821

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