The Girl in the Green Hat

February 20, 2017

The Girl in the Green Hat

This new book is my 22nd crime novel but this is the first to be aimed at young readers although, stylistically, I feel sure that it will also appeal to adults.

As with all my recent crime novels – Dead Man Running, Dark Echoes, Penitence, All Cut Up, Shadows of the Night and The Harlem Trilogy (Harlem Nocturne, Harlem Madness, Harlem Blues) – this new book is available in print and as a Kindle ebook.

green hat az

Helplessly caught up in a million-pound diamond robbery, 15-year-old Jennifer Jackson’s quiet – be honest, boring – world turns upside down.

On a roller-coaster ride that mingles excitement with terror, it’s too much for a schoolgirl to handle alone, but by Jennifer’s side – no, leading the way most of the time – is her grandmother.

And Mabel Moffett is like no other grandmother. She knows about guns and knives and parachuting and secret codes and – well, everything.

Meeting head on all kinds of trouble – from armed gangsters to human traffickers – Jennifer learns a lot about herself and the real world; a world that will never be the same again – and it certainly will not be as boring.

The Girl in the Green Hat

by Bruce Crowther

ISBN-13: 978-1542573566 & ISBN-10: 1542573564

My books can be found at Amazon.

Harlem Madness

December 20, 2015

Harlem Madness

by Bruce Crowther

Set in New York in 1943, this sequel to Harlem Nocturne finds Daniel Leland still living on Strivers’ Row in Harlem from where he operates his one-man private inquiry agency. Daniel, who quit the NYPD after being shot in the back, lives in a brownstone once the home of his parents, sharing the space with an elderly artist.

When an old acquaintance of Daniel’s is shot and killed the police are indifferent but Selena Gant comes back to town for the funeral and prompts him to - bc Daniel’s relationship with Selena was never easy – he wants much more than merely friendship while she is dedicated to the cause of racial equality. Her deep involvement with a nationwide organization intent on bringing an end to discrimination clashes with Daniel’s indifference.

Looking into the death, Daniel is soon embroiled with Irish, Italian and Black gangsters, all of them highly dangerous. Meanwhile, he is also trying to help the soldier son of Jewish immigrants – a young man who has been imprisoned by the FBI on trumped-up charges of espionage. All hard-going for one man, but fortunately Daniel has friends: in the FBI, in the NYPD, and mainly from around his home in Harlem.

And then an incident between a cop and a soldier outside the Braddock Hotel sparks a riot.

Available in print and digitally from Amazon.

Crime Fiction – Harlem Nocturne

July 25, 2013

Harlem Nocturne


Bruce Crowther

In New York in 1939 the World’s Fair is in full swing, a Joe Louis title fight is coming up, and there are hot times in Harlem every night.

When an industrial corporation offers small-time private detective Daniel Leland a temptingly large fee he takes the job and is soon over his head in murder and mayhem – and as war in Europe looms he tangles with the Nazi sympathizing German-American Bund.

And on top of all this, everywhere he goes Daniel has to confront racism because he is black while most of those he encounters during his investigation – the good and the bad – are white.



Although this is fiction, along the way Daniel encounters real people who lived in and around New York in 1939. Among them are Billie Holiday, Joe and Marva Louis, Fiorello LaGuardia and Max Finkelstein, all believably intertwined with Daniel’s quest.

ISBN – 13: 978-1490960821  & 10: 1490960821

This new novel is available in paperback On-line (including Amazon) or Walk-in book stores (including Barnes & Noble) . . .

Digitally, it is available as an Amazon Kindle book . . .

Crime Fiction – Penitence

November 7, 2012



Bruce Crowther

Texas detective Phil Davis investigates an elderly road accident victim bearing scars inflicted over decades. Learning that similarly scarred men recently suffered accidental deaths, he digs deeper.

FBI agent Luis Valdez, seeking to unearth a dangerous undercover group of political extremists, makes a connection to the scarred men and the long-ago death of a young woman.

While Phil and Luis tie together the two investigations, psychiatrist Rozalina Ericson pursues her own agenda through an old man who has served 25 years for the young woman’s death.

And then there is Quinn, ruthless, unstoppable, an all-purpose killing machine wreaking havoc in northern Texas and New Mexico.

These lives intertwine explosively as today’s upholders of law and order clash with centuries-old religious extremism.

 Penitence - book cover

 . . . . . . . . .

In this contemporary crime novel, the horrific killing of a young woman 25 years ago haunts the lives of those who knew her. Also affected are others who seek to uncover the secrets of followers of ancient discredited religious traditions. 

ISBN – 13:978-1479204281  & 10:1479204285

Available in print or digitally. To buy this book, go On-line (including Amazon) or to Walk-in book stores (including Barnes & Noble), or ask . . .

Crime Fiction – Dark Echoes

September 9, 2012

Dark Echoes


Bruce Crowther


Hollywood homicide detective, Toshiko Tanaka, investigates the sadistic killing of a bit-part player in old-time movies. Her father, a former coroner, spots similarities with a series of killings at Rialto Pictures a half century ago.

Harry Kenning, who retired from making Western movies fifty years ago, returns to Hollywood to see his estranged daughter. Along with his old movie sidekick, Billy Ross, he visits some of the people they knew at Rialto.

As more murders happen, Harry’s path intersects with that of Toshiko and teaming up in an unlikely partnership, they try to solve today’s murders.

Unexpectedly, Toshiko and Harry learn that the long-ago murder investigation was flawed and discover the unpleasant truth about what really happened at Rialto Pictures back in the 1950s.

 . . . . . . . . .

In this novel, the lives and deaths of movie actors are exposed as dark secrets from the past emerge to haunt survivors of the years when Hollywood was suffering enforced changes. Old wounds are opened by these Dark Echoes as old scores are settled in violence.

ISBN – 13:978-1478213086  & 10:1478213086

Available in print or digitally. To buy this book, go On-line (including Amazon) or to Walk-in book stores (including Barnes & Noble), or ask . . .


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