Crime Fiction – And All That Motive

November 16, 2014

Joan Merrill’s latest crime novel featuring jazz-loving, San Franciso-based private investigator Casey McKie takes us to the Pacific Coast Jazz Fest at Monterra. Headlining the festival is the country’s leading male jazz singer, Sid Satin, and when he is found shot dead, the local cops suspect veteran jazz singer Dee Jefferson of the crime. Casey lives close to Dee’s club, regularly hangs out there, and regards the singer as her best friend; not surprisingly, she unhesitatingly steps in and sets out to find the real killer.motive She quickly learns that the murder victim is a decidedly unpleasant individual with dozens of enemies in the jazz world and in his private life, none of whom are sorry to learn of his death. One by one, Casey follows up leads that bring her into contact with jazz singers and instrumentalists, newcomers and veterans, promoters and agents, journalists and fans. All of these men and women, as well as others outside the jazz nucleus have good reasons for seeing Satin dead and unraveling the many motives for the murder proves to be an intriguing puzzle for Casey to solve.

Well established in jazz, especially in the Bay Area, Joan Merrill works as a musician’s agent, concert, film, radio and record producer. Deeply involved in the world in which And All That Motive is set, the author ably explores the highs and lows encountered by musicians. It is all believable as is the interplay between musicians, veterans and newcomers. As Merrill’s fans already know, her background ensures that when the characters express opinions and ideas about jazz as it is now and how it used to be, their words come with the ring of truth. This is a thoroughly enjoyable journey into the (hopefully fictitious) murderous underground beneath the world of jazz.

And All That Motive (ISBN 978-1-5002-3535-2 & 978-1-5002-3535-0) is available direct from Joan Merrill and also from Amazon.

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