Lies Kill – crime fiction

December 20, 2017


a new crime novel by

Bruce Crowther

Justice Minister Elaine Parry dies in an explosion. A terrorist attack? A political assassination? Or is it personal?

Big-time criminals, an international media tycoon, the CEO of a pharmaceutical giant, even one of London’s top cops – all have reasons for wanting the minister dead.

Closer to home, Michael Parry desperately seeks a life-saving donor for teenage daughter, Leah, critically injured in the same attack – and political blogger, Rachel Denison, scenting scandal as well as murder, risks her life unearthing the truth.

It is soon brutally clear that there are those who will stop at nothing to keep the minister’s secrets buried.

Available in print: ISBN-13: 978-1978167834

And as an ebook from Kindle: ISBN-10: 1978167830


Available in print: ISBN-13: 978-1978167834

And as an ebook from Kindle: ISBN-10: 1978167830

The Girl in the Green Hat

February 20, 2017

The Girl in the Green Hat

This new book is my 22nd crime novel but this is the first to be aimed at young readers although, stylistically, I feel sure that it will also appeal to adults.

As with all my recent crime novels – Dead Man Running, Dark Echoes, Penitence, All Cut Up, Shadows of the Night and The Harlem Trilogy (Harlem Nocturne, Harlem Madness, Harlem Blues) – this new book is available in print and as a Kindle ebook.

green hat az

Helplessly caught up in a million-pound diamond robbery, 15-year-old Jennifer Jackson’s quiet – be honest, boring – world turns upside down.

On a roller-coaster ride that mingles excitement with terror, it’s too much for a schoolgirl to handle alone, but by Jennifer’s side – no, leading the way most of the time – is her grandmother.

And Mabel Moffett is like no other grandmother. She knows about guns and knives and parachuting and secret codes and – well, everything.

Meeting head on all kinds of trouble – from armed gangsters to human traffickers – Jennifer learns a lot about herself and the real world; a world that will never be the same again – and it certainly will not be as boring.

The Girl in the Green Hat

by Bruce Crowther

ISBN-13: 978-1542573566 & ISBN-10: 1542573564

My books can be found at Amazon.

Harlem Blues

November 20, 2016

Following on from Harlem Nocturne and Harlem Madness, this new novel again features Black private investigator Daniel Leland but this is 20 years later and much has changed.

Harlem Blues


Bruce Crowther

November 1963 – gray days, cold nights in Harlem.

A Civil Rights firebrand, falsely accused of brutally killing three fellow activists, seeks Daniel Leland’s help. Yet more cold-blooded murders raise the stakes as Daniel plunges into a desperate search for the truth helped by Selena Gant, herself a black activist. Together with Little Eddie, now a lawyer, Daniel and Selena confront a ruthless organization spreading its tentacles and resisting change in an unjust society.

Helping balance their struggle, they are joined by a dying ex-cop and a former FBI agent and begin to make headway – but looming out of Daniel’s past comes a murderous figure seeking vengeance.


Harlem Blues is available in paperback (ISBN-13:978-1537582986) and digitally via Kindle (ISBN-10:1537582984). Both formats can be bought at Amazon.

Shadows of the Night

March 15, 2016

My latest novel, Shadows of the Night, is out now.

When two men are fed to a tiger at the local zoo, Detective Inspector Alice Cyrille and Detective Sergeant Jacob Weiss are plunged into a case with no clues, no suspects and yet more strange murders.

Outside work, Alice worries over her weight and her daughter, who is a new recruit to the police, and she unwisely forms a relationship with the tiger’s keeper thus putting her career at risk.

As for Jacob, cantankerous and bloody-minded, he doesn’t care who he upsets.SotN

And as the investigation leads into the murky underworlds of fraud and child abuse, Alice and Jacob encounter prejudice because she is black and he is a Jew and this is England in 1985 when many things were different.

And all around are those who want this case buried forever.

Shadows of the Night by Bruce Crowther

Paperback from Amazon and other on- and off-line bookshops. (ISBN-13:978-1523871346)

$12.50 (£8.70 and €11.25 approx.)

E-book from Kindle only. (ISBN-10:1523871342)


Harlem Madness

December 20, 2015

Harlem Madness

by Bruce Crowther

Set in New York in 1943, this sequel to Harlem Nocturne finds Daniel Leland still living on Strivers’ Row in Harlem from where he operates his one-man private inquiry agency. Daniel, who quit the NYPD after being shot in the back, lives in a brownstone once the home of his parents, sharing the space with an elderly artist.

When an old acquaintance of Daniel’s is shot and killed the police are indifferent but Selena Gant comes back to town for the funeral and prompts him to - bc Daniel’s relationship with Selena was never easy – he wants much more than merely friendship while she is dedicated to the cause of racial equality. Her deep involvement with a nationwide organization intent on bringing an end to discrimination clashes with Daniel’s indifference.

Looking into the death, Daniel is soon embroiled with Irish, Italian and Black gangsters, all of them highly dangerous. Meanwhile, he is also trying to help the soldier son of Jewish immigrants – a young man who has been imprisoned by the FBI on trumped-up charges of espionage. All hard-going for one man, but fortunately Daniel has friends: in the FBI, in the NYPD, and mainly from around his home in Harlem.

And then an incident between a cop and a soldier outside the Braddock Hotel sparks a riot.

Available in print and digitally from Amazon.

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