Changeling – by Tania Lloyd

July 20, 2016

In her second novel Tania Lloyd unveils the mystic world of the people of the First Nations who live in north west Canada.

Evalyn Knight, the principal character of Changeling, travels from her loveless London home to the Canadian wilds on what is meant to be nothing more than a post-graduate research project. But it becomes much more than this and the eight week research placement changes her life in more ways than one. Unexpectedly meeting a wise old shaman, a guide to the spirit world, Evalyn experiences visions that reflect moments she has experienced throughout her life. Much more important to her is the shaman’s son, River, with whom she shares an instant bond.changeling

When Evalyn returns to London all the new factors that have entered her life follow her and surround her as she faces unexpected threats – she is kidnapped, rescued, and taken back to Canada. Now reunited with River, she hopes that now her life can only change for the better. But there is much more in store for Evalyn, not least a secret research laboratory in Missouri where a horrific fate awaits her. And Evalyn has yet to discover her hidden heritage and her true role as a link with the spirit world.

The author expertly handles all the elements of this tale: drama, action, mysticism, romance, as her character discovers previously unknown inner depths and the power of her true nature..

As every writer knows, the second novel presents all manner of obstacles but Tania Lloyd overcomes all of these with flair and distinction and she is especially good with scenes of intimacy.

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ISBN: (print) 13: 978-1534738232 and ISBN (eBook) 10:1534738231.

If you missed Tania’s first book, it too is available from the same sources:daughters

Daughters of the Moon (ISBN-13:978-1501029738 & ISBN-10:1501029738)

Daughters Of The Moon

October 28, 2014

Daughters of the Moon by Tania Lloyd

An intriguing first novel, Daughters Of the Moon by Tania Lloyd, takes readers into a world that is deceptively everyday. All of the principal characters in this novel are people living outwardly ordinary lives; but this is only the surface impression. These women and men and children must tread a very careful path; one slip and they will not survive. Let down their guard and they will not be allowed to remain unharmed; they will be hunted, driven out, killed. Why? Because all of these people possess the mysterious ability to pass as human and yet can “shift” at will, becoming wolves and thus leading lives far beyond the imagining of the rest of society.

The central storyline centertanias upon the lives of four beautiful sisters who live separate lives with family and friends. Key to this tale is that the sisters have another very special gift – one that they themselves do not at first comprehend. This gift will allow them, collectively, to affect the lives of all people everywhere on the planet. When the sisters learn what it is that they are destined to achieve for the good of humankind, they all also discover that their secret is known to someone who plans to use their gifts to fulfill his own evil ambitions.

This other-worldly tale is told with verve and insight into the human condition; Daughters of the Moon reaches into matters of faith and spirituality, family and friendship, love and sexuality. Each of the four sisters finds a powerful alpha male and begins an intense relationship and the author writes these scenes with remarkable maturity and conviction. Also commendable is the way in which the sisters, while connected to one another through both blood and spirit are all very different in attitude and behavior. This atmospheric exploration of a secret world is a thoroughly entertaining read – and the author is certainly someone to read now and to look out for in the future.

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Daughters of the Moon Tania Lloyd (CreateSpace ISBN-13: 978-1501029738 & 10: 1501029738

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